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The LastPadawan Store Announces Pre-Orders for ‘Mono Deskmat’ Will Open Saturday, October 3, 2020

Fairfax, VA, September 30, 2020: The LastPadawan Store, an online store that consists of a team of three childhood friends providing access to unique, limited-edition products, this week announced their pre-orders portal will officially go live this Saturday, October 3, 2020 at 11 AM EST.

Featuring the ‘Mono’ Deskmat Collection by Misobee, which consists of a Yin and Yang design featuring Kuro/Shiro inspired logos, the artistic presentation will also include 9 additional complementary color offerings based on previously released GMK keycap color palettes. The ‘Mono’ Deskmat Collection is a series of extra-large mousepads sized 900mm x 400mm x 4mm. A smaller 700mm x 400mm x 4mm size will be offered on the first day of preorders for twenty-four hours only. 

“Positioned right at the center of the deskmat, the illustration is strategically and harmoniously composed as a unified whole, balancing the Yin and Yang,” said Misobee, Designer of the 'Mono' deskmat collection. “We are very excited to officially announce these products will be made available for pre-order this weekend," said Fitz."

Additionally, the team is including additional color offerings for the Mono Deskmat, which are as follows:

  • Dawn (featuring the GMK Carbon color palette)
  • Dusk (featuring the GMK Mizu color palette)
  • Sunrise (featuring the GMK Red Samurai color palette)
  • Eclipse (featuring the GMK Dark color palette)
  • Midnight (featuring the GMK N9 Gray color palette)
  • Vapor (featuring the GMK Laser color palette)
  • Gorudo (featuring the GMX Lux color palette)
  • Blood Moon (featuring the Bred color palette)
  • Midori (featuring the GMK Wavez color palette)

The LastPadawan Store offers products through a pre-order process to ensure that products can be purchased in sufficient quantities required for manufacturing. As the brand grows, Fitz anticipates they will be able to purchase products in bulk for faster shipping.

“With a simple, yet timeless design, the Mono Deskmat is designed for versatility to complement any style or set-up,” said Misobee.

The Deskmat pricing is listed at $16.99 per product.

Lastly, the LastPadawan Store announced they will be working with the following brands to offer products globally: iLUMKB, Candykeys, DeskHero, Daily Clack, and of course, their own flagship store. They anticipate further partnerships in the future.

For more information, visit:

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