Pastel - [Entropy Collection] Deskmat
Pastel - [Entropy Collection] Deskmat
Pastel - [Entropy Collection] Deskmat
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Pastel - [Entropy Collection] Deskmat
Load image into Gallery viewer, Pastel - [Entropy Collection] Deskmat

Pastel - [Entropy Collection] Deskmat

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Pastel Deskmat

Each stroke of the brush creates a new effect like poetry. The rush of heat! The thrill of creation! Each sensation influences the design. Brilliantly rendered, the splashes of emotion now come to a rest atop your desk.

- Design by Nicholai.Design

Pastel Deskmat Preorder Period (until allocation is sold out):

  • Opens: February 1st, 2020 at 12 AM EST
  • Closing Date: February 28th at 11 PM EST

Global Vendors:

    Fulfillment period:

    • Once the purchasing period ends, the total quantity ordered will be scheduled for manufacture.
    • Estimated shipping period: Q2 - Q3 2021 (possibly sooner or later and we'll provide updates through the updates page on the store and our discord)

    Please note that these are made-to-order items that are sent to be manufactured following the completion of a reservation period (group buy).

    Fulfillment following a reservation period can take several months. We do our best to provide a shipping estimate, but keep in mind that our estimated timeline is subject to production holdups or manufacturing obstructions. 

    Any delays will be communicated through the updates page on the store and on our discord. 

    Should you have any questions about fulfillment or shipping, please email us at


    Pastel Deskmat Details:

    Pastel - An array of colors that flow from the left and expand out to the right.

    • Offered in a 900mm x 400mm x 4mm size.
    • High quality printing process
    • Smooth cloth top
    • Natural rubber bottom
    • Stitched edges: 
      - Overedge printed stitching

    • Machine wash cold, allow to air dry.

    Please note: Deskmat products are reservation only products and will be fulfilled at a different fulfillment speed than our other merchandise products.

    Images shown are 3D renders and the final production may vary slightly in color or tone. In purchasing this product, you acknowledge that you have viewed this message and accept that your product may differ from the 3D product imagery in some way.

    We are unable to combine orders, so please ensure you have everything you wish to purchase in a single transaction.

    Should you have any questions about order cancellations, please visit our FAQ or email us at 


    Pastel Deskmat + Pastel Cable Bundle Details:

    Pastel Cable - A cable with a light blue interior, a dark purple exterior and a Polar (blue) colored aviator, complemented by white heatshrink and accents.

    • 8" coil/device end
    • 4' tail/host end
    • USB C devices // USB A host
    • Raw length is 12' total
      Note: Users with power intensive boards (drop alt, etc) may have issues using this cable. Reducing RGB brightness may help, but this is not a guaranteed fix.

    Yoyokrazy cables undergo extensive quality control and testing throughout the production process. All connection points are reinforced to ensure no pressure is applied to the solder points themselves.

    Cables are tested extensively as individual halves and as whole cables via breakout boards and multimeter continuity.

    All cable sales are marked as final sale. Should you have any questions regarding the use of your cables please visit the Yoyokrazy discord or email

    Please note

    Cables bundled with a deskmat will ship together with the deskmat once the entirety of the order is available for shipment. 

    If ordering a cable by itself, it will be fulfilled by Yoyokrazy in the order it was received

    If you have cable related questions prior to placing an order reach out to 

    If you have questions about combining a cable with a deskmat, please email us at .



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