Project Updates

Duckmat Extras - 06/04/21:

Look for these to become available on the store in the near future. 

Mono Update - 06/02/21:

At this time, all LastPadawan Store Mono orders are with shipping carriers, except for orders containing Dusk mats. If you have an order for a Mono deskmat that does not include a Dusk deskmat, and you do not see a shipping notification in the next 24 hours, please reach out to us via our contact form here:

Mono (Dusk) Deskmat Update - 05/02/21:

The Mono - Dusk deskmats we received do not match the sample color we originally received, and we are reaching out to our manufacturer to correct the color inconsistency. We are also asking the manufacturer to use a quicker shipping speed for the Dusk deskmat replacements to minimize the inconvenience.

Mono (Dusk) Deskmat Update - 07/23/21:

Dusk replacement production is nearing completion, we are awaiting final confirmation on the completion of production for those deskmats and when we can expect them to be shipped out from the manufacturer to our location. They will be shipped to us via DHL/Air, so we can expect a reasonably fast paced turnaround on fulfillment for individual orders once they arrive.

Mono (Dusk) Deskmat Update - 07/29/21:

We have confirmation that the Dusk deskmats are en route to our location and that we can expect them by late next week. We're in the process of readying our packing materials in preparation for their arrival and will undergo quality control checks upon their arrival. As with our previous Mono shipments, expect orders to be fulfilled in batches after each unit is personally inspected and thank you for your continued patience.



Entropy Collection - 05/26/2021: 

We can confirm that the Entropy collection designs are in production. The manufacturer paused the production of these to complete the re-manufacturing of the Dusk deskmat replacements we requested, but production of Entropy will resume as soon as the Dusk re-manufacturing has been completed and shipped to us.

Aaru x LastPadawan Deskmat Series - 05/26/21: 

These are in production along with the Entropy collection, falling under the same production schedule as the Entropy collection. 

LastPadawan Team Deskmat Designs - 05/26/21:

These are in production along with the Entropy collection, falling under the same production schedule as the Entropy collection. 


Entropy Collection, Gourmet, Reflection, Apophis, Sunset, Year of the Ox Designs - 07/23/21: 

We am pleased to confirm that all of these designs have resumed production. Thanks to everyone for their patience along the way, we look forward to quickly fulfilling orders for everyone once they arrive at our location.

Entropy Collection, Gourmet, Reflection, Apophis, Sunset, and Year of the Ox Designs - 07/29/2021: 
Production remains ongoing at this time.

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