Project Updates

We wanted to provide an update regarding the Duckmat Collection, Doodboard Mousepads, and the Mono Collection (Waves 1 and 2). - 01/18/2021

We were recently informed by our manufacturer that they have postponed fulfillment of the above collections to all of the vendors attached to those projects until they resume business operations in March after returning from their holiday celebrations. This means that the earliest any of the vendors could begin to expect shipments of these products to their facilities will likely be in mid-March.

For many of you, we realize that these delays are disappointing at best and for this we humbly apologize. We opened our store in August 2020 coming from the designer side of things and wanting to bring exciting designs to everyone's desks. As a small team, we've learned much about logistics, manufacturing, and operations through the last few months. We're greatly excited to get these deskmats out to our customers and are thankful for everyone who has shown an interest in the designs featured on the store. What we've learned for these projects will be used to improve the expediency of future productions and help us operate more efficiently as we go.

Again, we apologize for the lengthy delay and are ready to fulfill orders as soon as we receive them from the manufacturer. With that being said, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. The best way to reach us outside of our Discord will be to contact us via the contact form here:

- The LastPadawan Team


Entropy Collection - 01/18/2021

The Entropy Collection groupbuy remains ongoing and we will be extending the end-date to match any staggered launches with proxies.


Aaru x LastPadawan Deskmat Series - 01/18/2021

The Aaru x LastPadawan groupbuy remains ongoing.


LastPadawan Team Deskmat Designs - 01/18/2021

The LastPadawan Team Deskmat Designs groupbuy remains ongoing.

Gateron Switch Pullers

We have requisitioned 50 Gateron Switch Pullers and will make them available as in-stock units on our site once they arrive.

We will have 20 black, 20 silver, 5 blue, and 5 red Gateron switch pullers available until sold out

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