[In-Stock] WAVE 2 - Yang [Mono] Deskmat
[In-Stock] WAVE 2 - Yang [Mono] Deskmat
Load image into Gallery viewer, [In-Stock] WAVE 2 - Yang [Mono] Deskmat
Load image into Gallery viewer, [In-Stock] WAVE 2 - Yang [Mono] Deskmat

[In-Stock] WAVE 2 - Yang [Mono] Deskmat

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"Positioned right at the center of the deskmat, the illustration is strategically and harmoniously composed as a unified whole, balancing the Yin and Yang"

- Designs by Misobee


Brought to your desk by the LastPadawan Team.

Colors on Offer:

  • Yin (without logo)
  • Yang (without logo) (You are currently viewing this color)
  • Dawn (inspired by the GMK Carbon color palette)
  • Dusk (inspired by the GMK Mizu color palette)
  • Sunrise (inspired by the GMK Red Samurai color palette)
  • Eclipse (inspired by the GMK Dark color palette)
  • Midnight (inspired by the GMK N9 Gray color palette)
  • Vapor (inspired by the GMK Laser color palette)
  • Gorudo (inspired by the GMX Lux color palette)
  • Blood Moon (inspired by the Bred color palette)
  • Midori (inspired by the GMK Wavez color palette)

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Mono Deskmat Details:

Yang - A white background with Koi fish in the center as a focal point.

  • Offered as 900mm x 400mm x 4mm size.
  • High quality printing process
  • Smooth cloth top
  • Natural rubber bottom
  • Stitched edges: 
    - Black edge stitching

  • Machine wash cold, allow to air dry.


 Please note: This product is a reservation only product and will be fulfilled at a different fulfillment speed than our merchandise products.

Images shown are 3D renders and the final production may vary slightly in color or tone. In purchasing this product, you acknowledge that you have viewed this message and accept that your product may differ from the 3D product imagery in some way.

We are unable to combine orders, so please ensure you have everything you wish to purchase in a single transaction.

Should you have any questions about order cancellations, please visit our FAQ or email us at support@lastpadawan.com

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